Happy Holidays, Huntsville!

We'd probably enjoy our Holidays more if we were sober enough to remember them; but then we'd be sober and that means we CERTAINLY wouldn't be enjoying anything!

Thanks for coming out, sticking around, and staying tuned this passed year, Huntsville!

We've got a bunch of stuff coming up in January: New shows from Homegrown Comedy, Clockwork Album Recordings, and- of course- Epic Comedy Hour, TGIM Presents, Alright Bayou, Enter The Comedy Dragon, and brand new shows coming down the pipeline!

We'll keep working to refine the ways we get information out, to you; you keep coming out and laughing for us! 

We make a great team, Huntsville! See ya in the New Year!

(We have no idea what's happening in this video, but It's from a movie called "Happy new Year",  there's dancing, a Micheal Jackson homage, singing, and jokes, so until next time, Enjoy:

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