What's Up? Jan 25 - Feb 1

Technical Note: Imgur is having problems with Twitter Account Logins this week, it's a known issue and they assure us a fix is in the works. We'll be back with pictures next week (we hope). If you want to know more about the shows, please follow the links to the appropriate Facebook pages (where available).

MONDAY - January 25 - TGIM Comedy Open Mic
TGIM At Maggie Meyers Starts at 8pm

TUESDAY - January 26 - Lone Mic at the Open Goose
The Last Night at the Old Location! After Trivia (Open Mic starts ~10pm), come celebrate the last night before Lone Goose opens in Campus 805!

WEDNESDAY - January 27 - THE Comedy Open Mic
THE Comedy Open Mic at Copper Top Dive n Dine
Sign ups start at 8pm
Show starts at 9pm

FRIDAY - January 15 - Alright Bayou Presents: A Jew and a Black Guy!
Alright Bayou is BACK with a special headline show with Atlanta comedy duo A Jew and a Black Guy, featuring Daruleo Ledger, with special guests Scott Eason and Matthew Tate, and your host extraordinaire, Nate Bailie!

MONDAY - February 1 - TGIM Presents: The Quit Your Day Job Comedy Tour
Quit Your Day Job Comedy Tour with Knoxville legends Matt Ward and Grady Ray. Also featured on the show are two very funny comics from Columbus, GA, Gabe Davis and Kristi Snyder!

What's Up? Jan 18 - 24

We have Open Mics Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (at Maggie Meyers starting at 8pm, Lone Goose starting after 10pm, and Coppertop starting at 9pm respectively).

Friday, Epic Comedy Hour returns!
Click the appropriate poster for more info

MONDAY - January 18
TGIM Comedy Open Mic

TUESDAY - January 19
Lone Mic at the Open Goose
[call to confirm]

WEDNESDAY - January 20
THE Comedy Open Mic

FRIDAY - January 22

Cancellation Notice

Tonight's Show at Prototype, The Live Album Recording of  Patrick Cunningham, has been cancelled.

What's Up? January 11 - January 17

Hello, Hello, and welcome back!

As Always, we have Open Mics Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (at Maggie Meyers [After the Show], Lone Goose 10pm, and Coppertop 9pm respectively).

Monday, TGIM Presents; Friday, Homegrown Comedy; Saturday, Clockwork Comedy
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MONDAY - January 11

FRIDAY - January 15

Still no Internets. The Struggle is about to become "The Strangle," if my roommate doesn't make the appropriate phone calls.

Happy Holidays, Huntsville!

We'd probably enjoy our Holidays more if we were sober enough to remember them; but then we'd be sober and that means we CERTAINLY wouldn't be enjoying anything!

Thanks for coming out, sticking around, and staying tuned this passed year, Huntsville!

We've got a bunch of stuff coming up in January: New shows from Homegrown Comedy, Clockwork Album Recordings, and- of course- Epic Comedy Hour, TGIM Presents, Alright Bayou, Enter The Comedy Dragon, and brand new shows coming down the pipeline!

We'll keep working to refine the ways we get information out, to you; you keep coming out and laughing for us! 

We make a great team, Huntsville! See ya in the New Year!

(We have no idea what's happening in this video, but It's from a movie called "Happy new Year",  there's dancing, a Micheal Jackson homage, singing, and jokes, so until next time, Enjoy: